Flip Flop at the Top


Columbia City, Ind.–Four days after the checkered flag flew at Virginia international Raceway (VIR), Stevens-Miller Racing’s (SMR) Marc Miller and his PREFIX 40th Anniversary Dodge Challenger have been awarded the win with teammate Dillon Machavern in his Liqui Moly PREFIX Choice-powered Mustang elevated to second.



The action was a result of the official’s review of the final green flag laps. During that time, the two leaders made contact several times resulting in one driver flipping at top speed. In the ruling, Chief Steward Dorsey Schroeder said, “The bottom line is this level of aggression is not healthy for the series or the sport in general.”


The ruling included the disqualification of the previously announced winner along with a one-race ban and a full-year probation. The second driver involved was given a 40 second post-race penalty and has been placed on probation for the remainder of the season. Schroeder continued, “Cooler heads and better judgement is required for continued participation and future success for either party.”


Marc Miller said, “That was one of the wildest races I have been in, but when the dust settled, I was very happy with the result. When I saw the two leaders going at it, I backed off to take the points. I told my guys that it was one of my better drives because I decided to not mix it up in the closing laps.


“I am happy to see Trans Am be proactive in regard to racing etiquette. TA2 cars are insanely quick and as drivers we all have to respect one another. To be able to fight for race wins, there has to be a great level of respect and accountability among one another and Trans Am officials need to help set that standard. I am happy they are doing that to create safer racing for everyone involved.”


Team Owner Joe Stevens said, “I’m glad the series took a stand. We cannot tolerate driving that puts another competitor at risk. It took some time, but Dorsey and The Trans Am presented by Pirelli made a good call. He’s laid down the law with a decision that could have easily flopped in the eyes of the paddock. Dorsey does a great job keeping things under control — he is extremely experienced, widely respected and, as a series, we are lucky to have him.”


Dillon Machavern said, “From the start, everyone was driving so aggressive that I decided to lay back, save my car and hit my marks. The strategy paid off and the race came to me in a big way. The new PREFIX Choice engine performed great and I could not be happier. I’m very excited to be back on the podium and gather some much-needed points. The SMR Team Liqui Moly guys have all worked extremely hard over the past few difficult races and getting back on the podium is great for all of us.”



Stevens concluded, “It is another quick turnaround for COTA next weekend but we came home from VIR with all of our cars in one piece. Marc is in the driver’s seat for the championship having only to take the green flag at Austin to clinch. We have some work to get Dillon to second in the championship, but it’s on the table we just have to take it. It’s been a tough year, but a good one. I’d love to have Brian Swank in our Berryman Products Camaro and Alex Wright in our No. 83 Dodge Challenger both finish the season in the top 10.


About Stevens-Miller Racing

Stevens-Miller Racing (SMR) over its history has one of the highest winning percentages in Trans Am’s TA2 category. SMR’s staff has earned 25+ podiums, two championships, multiple Hard Charger Awards, Rookie of the Year, and more. The team’s focus is achieving the driver’s desired goals. Whether that’d be just having fun, developing driver skill, or winning championships, SMR does it all and has the winning history to back it up. See for more details. IMAGES By Chris Clark