Arrive and Drive Services from Stevens-Miller Racing

Stevens-Miller Racing (SMR) has one of the highest winning percentages in Trans Am’s TA2 category. SMR’s staff has earned 40-plus podiums, three championships, multiple Hard Charger Awards, Rookie of the Year, and more. The team’s focus is on achieving the driver’s desired goals. SMR has what drivers need, be it GT2, SVRA Group Six, or TA2. Whether it’s to have fun, develop your driving ability, or win a championship, SMR does it all and has the winning history to back it up.

Reduce costs – Leverage our resources.

Arrive and Drive Services allows the driver to solely focus on their driving goals. True Arrive & Drive Racing Services come with not only the basics of on-time transportation, a race-ready car, and a team of pit crew technicians but so much more. The driver should be able to rely on their team to have every piece of equipment needed should anything happen on the track, plus parts and the technical capabilities to make the repair. The Driver should expect nothing less than top-notch assistance in all logistics leading up to the big event, as well as after the event. By far the biggest component in Arrive & Drive Racing is the strong relationship between the driver and the team. Here at Stevens-Miller Racing, we pride ourselves on our commitment to TransAm TA2 Arrive & Drive Racing and to our customers.

Affordable Full Service and Support

Stevens-Miller Racing comes prepared with a no expense spared parts package, tools and equipment combined with an untiring can-do attitude.  We assist with all logistics for the event including: lodging, credentialing, and registrations. Your car will arrive on time, prepared, race ready, and setup to your ergonomics and preferences. SMR’s team of highly experienced technicians will incorporate your feedback into chassis setup and adjustments to accommodate your driving style and track conditions. We provide a full-service hospitality lounge allowing for R&R between practice, qualifying, and event.  From load–in to checkered flag SMR is dedicated to giving you the best service in TA2 racing.

Get Fast – Faster.

SMR Arrive & Drive Services offers a professional coaching package. We have the capability to overlay your track data with racing veterans to help you improve.  SMR has the data, video, and necessary communication it takes to advance your career in racing.

Stevens-Miller Racing Team is frequently testing and extends the track day opportunities to the racing community. We rent race tracks frequently for our own testing, tuning, and practice purposes. Our relationships with these tracks allow us to facilitate “HPDE” open track days. Whether you’re a club guy, a driving school representative, a race team, or an individual with the urge, we would be happy to help coordinate track access! Contact Joe Stevens and monitor our social media pages for testing schedules.

SMR Winning Attitude

-Affordable Full Service and Support
-Assist you with lodging, logistics, credentialing, and registration.

We come prepared with a no expense spared parts package, tools, and equipment combined with an untiring can-do attitude. Your car will be race-ready and set up to your ergonomics and preferences.  From load-in to checkered flag SMR is dedicated to giving you the best service.

Stevens-Miller Pro Driver, Marc Miller, placing 1st in TA2. Sebring 2018

Meet the Team

Our experienced technicians will incorporate your feedback into chassis setup and adjustments to accommodate your driving style and track conditions. We have the capability to overlay your track data with racing veterans to help you improve.

Joe Stevens

Owner / Operator

Joe’s passion for automobiles goes back to his early childhood–his first spoken sentence was “Dad, she seems a little lean on full throttle…” Training at UTI Avondale AZ, an internationally recognized specialist for Smart Cars (yes, I said Smart Cars), builder of his own Audi A4 track day car, and 6th place overall finisher in TA2 in his rookie year (2015).

Joe owns and operates Stevens-Miller Racing.

Gary Stevens


Gary is Stevens-Miller Racing’s spiritual leader. Just look at the fierce concentration in his picture.

He considers himself very fortunate to hang with this group of passionate, hard working, and successful gearheads. It isn’t really known what Gary would do with spare time, because he is insatiably driven to learn and to contribute. There is no such thing as spare time.

Nick Allard

Car Chief

Nick is a lifelong Motorsport enthusiast and has been directly involved with vehicle maintenance, paint and body work, and fabrication since 2010. Growing up alongside team owner/operator Joe Stevens and collaborating on many projects, Nick is meticulous and observant-he does not miss a thing.

Josh Stewart

Car Chief

Josh Stewart is the newest technician to join the SMR Team. Josh’s wrenching started at a young age with his dad teaching him all about working on cars before he could even walk. His eagerness to learn and genuine interest grew into experience with go karts, dirt bikes, ump modifieds, and really anything that goes fast. Josh is quick on the uptake and extremely reliable in clutch time. In his free time you can always find him wrenching on something or at a race track with friends and family.

Alan Gonzalaz

Car Chief

Alan, an El Paso, TX native has been flying in for SMR for over two years. He was introduced to racing at a young age by his dad, who builds engines. He grew especially passionate about the engineering aspects behind suspensions and their impact on successful wins on the track. Alan has experience working and building shocks for various series such as NASCAR Mexico, Super Copa and multiple dirt track teams. In his free time he enjoys fishing, golfing, and spending time with his family.

Chris “CJ” Herman, Jr.


CJ is a semi-professional drag racer with expertise in building, tuning, and racing forced-induction motors of various sizes. With stand-alone engine management experience, on top of welding and driving experience, his skill set is perfect for SMR. If CJ is not racing he can often be found racing.