The Stevens-Miller team is a top-shelf organization and the reason for that is that we all show up ready to go no matter if it’s a preseason test day or the last race of the season. As I said before consistency wins championships and that means we are always prepared to the highest level.” 

“Berryman began our partnership with SMR in 2018, and since then we have been overly impressed by the professionalism, the attention to detail, and the drive to win that the team shows. Joe, Courtney, the crew, and the drivers all work hard to make each race weekend a success and we have seen the results. Our partnership expanded in the 2019 season and has continued to be our best marketing and advertising avenues. SMR not only manages all of the cars during the race but also have played host to our customers, making time to chat, answer questions, and sign merchandise for fans. SMR’s ability to adapt on the fly, interact with fans, and host our customers all while putting out podium finishing race cars has cemented our trust in their product. We are excited for our partnership, and can’t wait to see what the future holds” 

SMR checks all the boxes for those looking for a way to try out pro racing. They offer reliable, competitive equipment and provide both seasoned racers and those completely new to the sport with amazing support due to their great staff. Professional coaching with data, great car prep and constant car development are signs of pro teams – and SMR is doing all that in a great cost effective TA2 platform that provides GT car performance on a spec racer budget. SMR is easily the #1 choice for TA2 racing.” 

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