Columbia City, IN – Stevens-Miller Racing, in collaboration with Round 3 Racing and esteemed partners Berryman Products and CUBE 3, proudly unveiled their latest endurance racing car at WRL event at Mid-Ohio’s Sports Car Course this past weekend. The highly-anticipated debut of this cutting-edge vehicle marked a significant milestone for the racing team and its partners as they embarked on an exciting new chapter in their racing endeavors.

Team owner and car builder, Joe Stevens, was thrilled to be present during the event and even took the wheel for the initial test run. “Upon my first drive, I immediately knew that we had a lot of work yet to do, and this thing was going to be a blast to drive,” said Stevens. “In my many years of driving and working on cars, I haven’t used a paddle-shifted gearbox before, and the Hollinger SG3 performed perfectly. Rev matching, flat shifting, the transmission was a dream.” Stevens’ enthusiasm for the new endurance racing car and its innovative features was palpable, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead for Stevens-Miller Racing and its partners.

Throughout the assembly, a wide array of top-quality products were employed to ensure its optimal track readiness. Berryman Products played a pivotal role, supplying nearly all of the penetrating lubes, solvents, and cleaners used during the build. The Howe Racing Ent. chassis arrived in a completely bare state, and numerous modifications were required to bring the car to its current state. “Every threaded and non-threaded hole, electrical connection, and mess that needed to be cleaned up, a Berryman Product was used,” noted SMR car chief, Chris Herman. “The unwavering performance of Berryman Products were instrumental in building this car and getting us to the track. Although our debut showed us we still have work to do, it sometimes gets easy to cast a shadow onto so many things that went perfectly.”

“As the Marketing Director of Berryman Products, I am incredibly proud of our continued collaboration and partnership with Stevens-Miller Racing, which has now spanned five years,” said Beau Blankenship. “The Stevens-Miller Racing team’s dedication to excellence and their unwavering pursuit of performance aligns perfectly with Berryman Products’ commitment to delivering high-quality American Made products. It has been a privilege to support their endeavors, including the latest project, and we are excited to continue our partnership as they strive for even greater success on the racing circuit.”